NBC News Washington, Del. Marshall Proposes Competing Virginia Currency

The following is an excerpt from a recent news article about one of Delegate Bob Marshall's bills for the 2011 General Assembly Session: Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall -- the same lawmaker who wants to ban gays and lesbians in the Virginia National Guard, despite the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell -- has a new idea. Virginia should mint its own coins.

Marshall (R-13th District), a 20-year veteran, plans to introduce legislation during the Jan. 12 session of the General Assembly that would call for the Commonwealth to study minting its own coins in order to compete with what he calls “the monopoly of the Federal Reserve System,” reports InsideNova.com.

“We can’t mint money, but we can mint gold and silver coins,” Marshall told InsideNova.com Wednesday night. “It sounds like a small difference, but it is a difference legally. If you look closely on a [dollar] bill, it doesn’t say that it’s money. It says it is legal tender ‘for all debts, public and private.’”


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