Thank You

My Friends and Supporters,

Well, we certainly gave the Tenth Congressional District Party Canvass all of our energy and effort, but sadly did not cross the finish line first.  

Our final percentage of the vote, 28.2%, put us well ahead of all other competitors in the field with the exception of the nominee, Delegate Barbara Comstock.  As I hope you know by now, initial reports that we lost the City of Manassas and did poorly in our own backyard of Prince William County were not true!  In fact, adding to our own performance that of the other four candidates who collectively garnered 17.54% of the vote, the overall “non-establishment” conservative vote amounted to roughly 46%.  You can see the full vote results at:

I am very proud of the inspiring efforts of the grass roots Marshall Team that gave us “wins” in the counties of Frederick, Clarke and Prince William as well as the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park.  Finally, we only fell short of winning the City of Winchester by 22 votes and performed quite strongly in one of the three Loudoun voting locations. 

Unfortunately, I did not have the advantage of having one of the 10th District polls located in my own home precinct as was the case with Barbara, but nonetheless we prevailed in all of the voting locations close to my home precinct (as well as the others mentioned above).  I would like to express my personal gratitude to the voters in my home precinct who had to travel a half-hour to get to our Prince William poll.  Your support and extra effort in getting out to vote are especially appreciated.  My thanks also to Marshall voters in Frederick and Western Loudoun who also had to travel extra miles to get to their closest poll.

With roughly two months to campaign, organize and raise funds and we simply fell short.  I take responsibility for that loss.  But what we accomplished with little funding and little time was most certainly not a wasted effort, for our conservative message was heard and people everywhere were glad we carried forth a message they could rally behind.

I am very grateful for the effort of my hard-working Campaign Manager, Bob Allen, who has been a loyal friend for over 35 years, long predating my entry into public life.  And his wife, Roseleen, could not have been more supportive.

Another friend of many years, Fran Griffin, spent countless hours writing and releasing our endorsements and press releases.  Thank you Fran!

And, of course, I cannot say enough good things about our selfless volunteers, some of whom called voters every day for weeks on end, others who traveled hours to walk door to door to support our effort spending their precious time and treasure.  Barbara Dodge and her team were truly tireless and unrelenting in their door-to-door work. Wonderful students from Seton School in Manassas also campaigned unstintingly!  Jay Marts was an inspiring motivational force in the western portion of the District.  Thanks, Jay!

To those who “stuck their necks out” to endorse me, although I have already publicly expressed my appreciation and gratitude to each of you each time a new endorsement was published I would like to wholeheartedly thank you once again! The advance of true conservatism in our culture can only be achieved through a chorus of voices stating and restating our core principles.

To those who held receptions in their homes for the benefit of my campaign, I thank you for your graciousness and hospitality!

To those who invested financially in the campaign, I will be forever grateful for your support.  

And last, but certainly not least I want to thank my family: first, my dear wife and ally, Cathy, who slept little and gave her all throughout the days and nights of campaigning; next, my sons who instantaneously developed the campaign website to the accolades of many political observers and who composed our brochures and sent our emails; next to my daughter who kept my 90 year old Mom company so that Cathy and I would be able to attend almost daily campaign events; and finally, my six-year-old grandson who kept me laughing (and humble) and put stamps on letters to help the effort in his own little way.  

Winning is, of course, what we all aimed for, but being faithful to the cause and speaking the truth are equally important. 

Our Republican Creed spells out the importance of our belief in God and the need to strengthen the moral fiber of the country.

Our Founders recognized that our Creator granted us inalienable rights. They set up our form of government dependent upon citizens who respected “the laws of Nature and Nature’s God.” These are the foundations of America and we disregard them at our own peril.

I ran for office because I was willing to serve. In America, the people decide, and the people have spoken, and now we turn to defeating the Democrats in November.

We cannot afford more government expansion, higher taxes, or more regulations which are killing our economy and increasing socialism.  We must retract, not expand, our fraud-ridden social welfare programs which hurt, not help people improve their lot in life.

We must oppose judges who arrogantly impose their own personal judgment over the clearly expressed will of millions of voters by issuing ridiculous decisions that attempt to defy Nature.  We must fight those actions at the highest levels of our government which threaten our constitutional separation of powers.   We must reject crony capitalism which is foreign to free enterprise and demand that Congress not relegate their war powers to the President.  We must resist efforts that are turning the land of the free and the home of the brave into a lawless, police surveillance state.  We are losing our liberties because of a collective lack of vigilance.

Although I am very sorry to have disappointed those who hoped we would succeed, the fight continues and each of us has a place in it although we know that the ultimate battle has been won by our Lord and Savior!

Also remember that our Republican Party came into our Nation’s existence in the late 1850‘s to combat the related moral evils of slavery and polygamy.  Both practices denied in different ways the fundamental equality of man established by our Creator. 

Today most Americans fear our devastating national debt and weak economy.  This is understandable because we all need to make a living and it is frankly immoral to push this debt onto future generations. 

But we also face profound moral evils, such as the intentional taking of a child’s life before birth (abortion), and the historically unprecedented claims that Marriage is no longer a relationship solely between one man and one woman (same-sex marriage).     

Make no mistake: as the family structure weakens, government gets stronger, more expansive, more expensive, and more intrusive, affecting our lives, schools, communities and pocketbooks. Remaining indifferent is not an option.

How these and other policies are addressed or left unaddressed will affect us in all aspects of our lives.  Phyllis Schlafly, has fought hard to keep child protection and traditional Marriage in our Republican platform.  The Nevada Republican Party removed its opposition to abortion and same sex marriage at their state convention on April 12, 2014, a terrible mistake in my judgment.

Just recently Alabama Supreme Court Justice Thomas Parker ruled. “Because an unborn child has an inalienable right to life from its earliest stages of development, it is entitled not only to a life free from the harmful effects of chemicals at all stages of development but also to life itself at all stages of development. Treating an unborn child as a separate and distinct person in only select respects defies logic and our deepest sense of morality.”

As you know, the Republican and Democratic Platforms are as far apart as the North and South poles.  Clearly, Mr. Foust, the Democrat nominee to succeed Frank Wolf, and Senator Mark Warner, have significantly different world views than we do.  We cannot let the Democrats have a free ride in November! 

It was my hope to address the issues I’ve cited above (and more) as your Congressman, but will now refocus my time and attention to addressing related issues in Richmond.

It has always been an honor to serve you as a State Delegate, and I will continue to do so to the best of my ability.  To that end, I would hope that you remain in contact with me, send me your ideas for legislation, and let me know if you need my help on matters involving state government in any way. 

Remember the phrase on the Archives Building in Washington, “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty” and keep fighting for our beloved country!  

Delegate Bob Marshall