Endorsement Letters

Congressional Candidate, Delegate Bob Marshall, Receives Endorsements from Republican Leaders, Elected Officials, Pastors, Military Leaders, Second Amendment Advocates, and National Leaders

MANASSAS, VA - 4/24/14 - Since entering the race just 10 weeks ago for the GOP nomination to replace Congressman Frank Wolf, Delegate Bob Marshall has received endorsements of Republican leaders, elected officials, pastors, military leaders, Second Amendment advocates, national leaders, educators, and even a movie producer.

Senator Dick Black of Virginia praised Marshall for "being instrumental in the passage of the Marriage Amendment, the Ban on Partial Birth Abortion and a multitude of other laws dealing with everything from roads and schools to laws affecting privacy and healthcare."

Delegate Mark Berg called Marshall "a powerfully effective member of the House of Delegates a statesman for our time in the noble tradition of our Founding Fathers," who would work to defund and dismantle Obamacare.

Corey Stewart, Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, stated that Bob Marshall "has distinguished himself in over two decades in Richmond as a principled and fierce defender of our Virginia and U.S. Constitutions. He is an intellectual warrior who'll never shrink under the slings and arrows of outrageous Washington liberals."

Bill Fox, Member, Loudoun County School Board, said that, "Bob Marshall is the only legitimate candidate in the race who takes seriously the conservative values of liberty and limited government."

Susan Stimpson, the former Chairman of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors, and a contender for the GOP nomination for Lt. Governor last year, supports Marshall because he is courageous, "a fearless leader" and "he fights as if lives depend on it." 

Keith Fimian, an entrepreneur, businessman, and Republican leader stated: "Bob is someone who has proven he can lead.  He doesn't hide his principles or change his positions to satisfy polls, political winds or pressure from the Republican establishment."

Marc Aveni, a Manassas City Councilman since 2006, said of Delegate Marshall, "he is never too busy to help city residents who have questions about state government issues to cut through the bureaucratic red tape, if needed, for them."

Bishop E.W. Jackson, the Lt. Governor candidate last year, said: "Bob Marshall is exactly the person we need standing up for us in Congress at this critical time!"

Pastor Michael Hirsch of Calvary Christian Church, and Chair of both the Fredericksburg Virginia Patriots, and the Fredericksburg Republican Party, commented that  "Bob Marshall is someone who understands the Constitution, who understands Christian principles, and someone who will fight for them without compromise."

Pastor Jay Ahlemann, founding pastor, Christian Fellowship Church, Ashburn, Virginia, stated: "Delegate Bob Marshall has a proven record of standing for principles and values. Don't take chances with your vote. We need a proven leader. Bob Marshall IS that leader."
Rev. William Cook, Founder and Executive Director, Black Robe Regiment of Virginia, wrote: "Bob Marshall is a man of true conviction and a legislator with a proven track record who voters can trust to 'support and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic' and represent the values that are important to 'we the people.'"

Phyllis Schlafly, a constitutional lawyer, national speaker, author of 20 books, and founder of Eagle Forum, said: "The Founders understood that our inalienable rights come from our Creator, not government. I am grateful that Bob has not lost this foundational vision throughout his more than 20 years of service in Virginia's General Assembly."

The Honorable Robert K. Dornan, Congressman (R-CA, 1977-1997): "Bob Marshall is a modern day Patrick Henry. He is one of the most principled men in the political realm whom I have ever met. He is a consistent Constitutional conservative."

Mark Fitzgibbons of ConservativeHQ.com, wrote: "Bob Marshall is a principled and consistent leader for freedom, opportunity and prosperity.  He helps ensure that government respects and obeys the rule of law."

Two prominent Second Amendment organizations have endorsed Bob Marshall for Congress, Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the National Association for Gun Rights. Larry Pratt, Executive Director of GOA, and a former Member of the House of Delegates, stated: "I have carefully observed our state legislators and find Bob Marshall to be one of the finest I have ever met. I continue to be impressed with his persistence in proposing legislation to guarantee our liberties, Constitutional freedoms, and the right to keep and bear arms."

Charles M. McKinney of Ashburn, former Virginia Chairman of Veterans for McCain, and former Chairman of Loudon County Republican Committee, said: "As a U.S. Marine, I urge all voters, but especially all veterans and active duty personnel, within the 10th District to vote for Bob Marshall -- a man of total commitment, integrity, character and courage. The kind of man many others can only hope to emulate."

General Jerry Curry (U.S. Army, ret.), a statesman, courageous soldier, diplomat, and government leader, praised Bob Marshall as "an activist for upholding our Constitutional liberties. His innovative bills have been important to the Commonwealth. Delegate Marshall has a wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of the fundamental issues that affect all of us from education to energy independence to the economy to international affairs."

Ron Maxwell is an independent filmmaker who has written and directed two Civil War era motion-pictures Gettysburg; Gods & Generals and Copperhead, offered this reflection: "Bob Marshall is the candidate most focused on the average working man and woman, on their access to good paying jobs. He's the only candidate whose first concern is the safety, welfare and job opportunities of U.S. citizens and legal immigrants."

Anne W. Carroll, historian, author, and Director of Seton School in Manassas, said: "Other candidates might have pro-life credentials, but Bob is the only one who has a long-term, proven record of never compromising on life issues.  He has never wavered in his pro-life principles, in spite of attacks, sometimes vicious. He speaks out when everyone else is silent or waffling. Day in and day out, Bob Marshall stands for the right to life of every person, from conception until natural death. If your concern is life, vote for Bob Marshall."

Delegate Bob Marshall, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates since 1991, is running for the Republican nomination for Congress in a GOP "Firehouse Primary" on this Saturday, April 26. The voting will take place at ten polling locations throughout the 10th District, which includes parts of Fairfax and Prince William Counties, all of Loudoun, Frederick and Clarke Counties, and the Cities of Manassas, Manassas Park, and Winchester. 

For more information, visit www.bobmarshallforcongress.com or call Delegate Marshall on his cell phone at 571-409-0588, or contact Fran Griffin, media consultant, at 703-862-6741.

Keith Fimian Endorses Bob Marshall for Congress


Dear Friends,

Washington is broken.  If the last few years have proven anything, it’s that just sending more Republicans to Washington won’t change anything.  The only way to fix Washington is to change the kind of Republicans we send there. 

We don’t need more Republicans in Congress who have spent careers inside the beltway in government, lobbying and politics. 

We don’t need more Republicans in Congress who will promise one thing on the campaign trail or take a few good votes at the state or local level in order to climb the political ladder.  

We don’t need more Republicans in Congress who will vote with John Boehner over the interests of the people they serve in order to secure a leadership position.   

We need principled, conservative Republicans in Congress who have led on issues and not just voted, and who have proven over the long term their commitment to smaller government, sound fiscal and economic policies and traditional values, the most fundamental of which is respect for human life. 

That is why I am proud to endorse Bob Marshall for Congress in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

Bob Marshall has served Loudoun and Prince William counties, and our Commonwealth, with distinction as a citizen legislator for the past two decades, and I am proud to call him my friend. 

Bob is someone who has proven he can lead.  He has proven that he doesn't hide his principles or change his positions to satisfy polls, political winds or pressure from the Republican establishment.

As a businessman and entrepreneur, it is critical to have leadership in Congress that is willing to fight for policies that help businesses of all sizes, but particularly small and medium sized business because they are the businesses that create jobs. 

When small business owners complained to Bob Marshall that they had to fill out different paperwork for each and every county in which they were doing business, Bob introduced a bill which became law to streamline the process.  Now small businesses fill out one application sufficient for all 133 counties and cities in the Commonwealth, reducing red tape and an unnecessary burden on businesses.  That's proven conservative leadership!

Obamacare has been crushing for small and medium sized businesses, and will become increasingly so as mandates and tax penalties begin to take effect.  Bob very early on understood the perils of government forcing Americans to purchase health insurance.  In 2010 he introduced the Health Care Freedom Act which Attorney General Cuccinelli used to challenge Obamaare in federal court.  That's proven conservative leadership!

When both political parties in Richmond agreed to legislation in 2007 which established unelected taxing authorities in Northern Virginia and Tidewater, Bob Marshall was the only sitting legislator with the courage to sue.  The Virginia Supreme Court agreed with him unanimously.  That's proven conservative leadership!

While many Republicans elites have called for Republicans to abandon efforts to protect human life and defend traditional marriage, Bob Marshall has been steadfast.  That's proven conservative leadership!

In 2005, Bob Marshall introduced the Marshall-Newman Marriage Amendment.  Over 1.3 million voters ratified that Amendment in 2006.  Bob continues to speak out because it makes no logical sense that a single, sitting, unelected judge should have the power to overturn the will of the Virginia legislature and 1.3 million Virginians. That’s proven conservative leadership!

When the horrible practice of partial birth abortion became known, where practically full term babies are partially delivered before meeting their cruel demise, Bob Marshall introduced legislation to end this heinous practice.  He had to fight some in his own party who wanted to water down the bill but it ultimately passed with a veto-proof margin which Bob used to override then Governor Mark Warner's objections. That's proven conservative leadership!

Why do I recall Bob's stellar conservative record in the state house when he is running for Congress?  Because I know Bob well enough to know that he will bring that same set of principles, uncompromising dedication and practical know-how to Congress.  That's what proven conservative leadership is all about!

Bob Marshall thinks ahead, anticipates problems and doesn't count the odds when he is fighting for what is right.  Bob will be a fighter for business and innovation.  He will be a voice for all of us who value freedom and liberty - all of us who have not lost hope that America's best years are ahead of us, as long as we are able to steer our ship of state away from failed socialist policies.

As a former candidate for Congress in a district with a decidedly Democrat advantage, I understand the demands of running for public office and the need to take the fight to our political opponents. 

I am confident Bob Marshall is up to the challenge.  Anyone who questions Bob Marshall’s electability would do well to remember that Bob has won thirteen elections; yes, thirteen (13) elections - in Northern Virginia no less (Prince William and Loudoun).  And the current district he represents went for Obama by 11 percent whereas the 10th Congressional District where he is now running went for Romney by 1 percent.   

I have every confidence Bob will be the next great Congressman from the 10th Congressional District but we must all get behind him!  I am proud to announce that I will serve on Bob Marshall’s Finance Committee.  And I ask you to please join me in supporting Delegate Bob Marshall in his bid for the U.S. Congress.


Keith S. Fimian

P.S. We cannot allow the Republican establishment and DC lobbyists to buy this race.  Help me ensure Bob has the resources to combat the onslaught of negative attacks sure to come from a Republican establishment intent on purchasing this seat for one of their own.  Please make a generous contribution of $250, $100, $75 or $50 today at www.bobmarshallforcongress.com!

Lt. Gov. Republican Nominee E.W. Jackson Endorses Bob Marshall for Congress

After considerable prayer and deliberation, I am enthusiastically endorsing Bob Marshall for the Republican nomination for Congress from the Tenth Congressional District.  I appeal to every one of you who believes as I do in our Constitution and what Virginia represents to the history of our nation, to do everything in your power to get him nominated on April 26th!
I am well aware that Republicans of the Tenth District have an array of good candidates to choose from, but I am firm in my conviction that Bob best personifies our values.  His 23 year legislative record in the House of Delegates serves as the most reliable predictor that the promises he makes in his campaign will be kept when he gets to Congress.  We can rest assured that Delegate Marshall will adhere to his core principles no matter the opposition because he has a record of courage and unwavering faithfulness.
Friends and foes alike agree that Bob Marshall will be a refreshing change from the political powerbrokers and dealmakers in Washington.  He is exactly the person we need standing up for us in Congress at this critical time! Congress needs a conscience and Bob Marshall will provide it, even to Republican leaders when necessary.  We know that Delegate Marshall will never trade away his conscience.
Please know that I am not making this endorsement lightly. For the most part, I am remaining neutral in nomination contests.  However, I endorse Bob Marshall because he is that rare bird in the aviary of politics who is dependable and predictable on the full gamut of issues important to conservatives: adherence to the Constitution, protection of religious liberties, keeping taxes low and government limited, preserving the traditional family in society, upholding the sanctity of life and maintaining fiscal responsibility and accountability.  Bob is without peer in the record he has established over many years.
Please join with me in supporting Bob, and if you reside in the Tenth District, be sure to make plans now to vote in the Firehouse Primary which takes place for five hours only (from 10am to 3pm) on Saturday, April 26th.  For most folks the polling place will be at a different location from the one where they usually vote. Details on polling locations are available on Bob’s website at www.bobmarshallforcongress.com.  Please email Bob and let him know after you’ve voted. We want to recognize and thank those who take the time to fulfill their civic duty in this pivotal election.  Finally, whether or not you live in the Tenth District, I appeal to you to give generously of your time and treasure to help achieve this critically important nomination of Bob Marshall for Congress! 

For God and Country,

E.W. Jackson

Eagle Forum Founder and Conservative Icon, Phyllis Schlafly Endorses Bob Marshall For Congress

Eagle Founder and Conservative Icon, Phyllis Schlafly

Dear Fellow Patriots:

I am happy to endorse Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, a man of principle, in the April 26th Firehouse Primary, when voters will choose the Republican Candidate for Virginia's 10th Congressional District!  I have known Bob and his lovely wife, Cathy, for many years.  
Several years ago, I was proud to present Bob Marshall with Eagle Forum's award for outstanding, informed and faithful leadership in the battle for God, Life, Family and Country.  If ever we need brave leaders to fight for the values on which our nation was founded, that time is now!  The Founders understood that our inalienable rights come from our Creator, not government.  I am grateful that Bob has not lost this foundational vision throughout his more than 20 years of service in Virginia's General Assembly. 

Bob Marshall has won 13 elections through hard work, attracting volunteers, and listening to voters door-to-door.  With our help Bob Marshall will serve the people of Virginia in the U.S. Congress.  He won't take orders from Republican consultants or Washington power brokers.
Bob has been tested and remained true.  He never voted for a tax increase.  He passed laws to protect our privacy, increase transparency in government, uphold our constitutional rights, defend innocent life, and uphold Marriage.  He authored Virginia's Marriage Amendment which was passed by 1.3 million Virginia voters.  Bob sued the Governor and won a unanimous decision striking down 14 unconstitutional taxes.
Bob Marshall has been faithful to Virginia voters for so many years.  He is a reliable, tried-and-true candidate.  I urge all patriots to support Bob Marshall on April 26 with your vote, and also with your time and your treasure

Phyllis Schlafly
President and Founder, Eagle Forum

Congressman Bob Dornan Endorses Delegate Bob Marshall of Virginia

Praises Him for Crafting No-Military Abortions Legislation

"A Rare Triple Treat in the Reagan Tradition"

FAIRFAX, VA --  The Honorable Robert K. Dornan, Congressman (R-CA, 1977-1997) has endorsed Bob Marshall for Congress in the upcoming April 26 primary to fill the vacancy left by Congressman Frank Wolf's retirement in Virginia's 10th Congressional District.

"Bob Marshall is a rare triple threat to liberals and Democrats in that he is a powerhouse in all three areas that President Reagan said 'a true conservative' must lead: social issues, economic policy, and defense. Bob's knowledge and expertise in these areas, the Reagan triad, is almost unmatchedŠ equaled by a few good men and women in politics, but NEVER surpassed," said former Congressman Dornan, who was labeled as "one of the leading firebrands among American politicians" in the Almanac of American Politics.

"During my first of nine terms in the Congress, as a freshman from liberal California, providentially I hired Bob Marshall to work for me in preparing and writing legislation in these three areas of public policy," Dornan explained. "What a blessing it was to have him at my right hand. Bob's skills in crafting bills are exemplary, and he has carried this talent and experience from the U.S. Congress to his work in the Virginia Assembly.

"He was, during my tenure in the U.S. Congress, one of the top parliamentarians there. And that was more than a few years ago. He has continued to hone his skills as a Member of the House of Delegates, writing some of the best legislation that Virginia has ever seen.

"For instance, it was Bob who devised the famous Hyde Amendment to cut off federal funding for abortions. More recently he wrote the Constitutional Marriage Amendment, approved by we voters of Virginia in 2006. (Yes, 'we,' as I've voted as a proud Virginian for a decade.)

"We can thank Bob for the fact that Virginia was one of the first states to file suit against Obamacare. Bob Marshall wrote the law which gave then-Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli standing to sue the federal government. Bob also sued Governor Tim Kaine - and won by a vote of  seven to one in Virginia's Supreme Court - to block 14 taxes imposed by unelected taxing authorities.

"And by Bob's tough standards, every bill that he has ever worked on, every piece of legislation, has to meet his own strict criteria: 1) Would it help preserve the liberty and freedom of all citizens? 2) Would it maintain the moral fabric of society? and 3) Could it be a means to stop immoral practices such as abortion, infanticide, and so-called same sex marriages? If only every legislator in the U.S. Senate and House, and in every chamber of every legislature in all 50 states, had this noble criteria!

"I see my pal, Bob, as a modern day Patrick Henry. I mean that. He is one of the most principled men in the political realm whom I have ever met. He is a consistent Constitutional conservative. Party labels are not of primary importance to him. What matters to Bob Marshall is the preservation of our Constitutional rights, the protection of precious human life from the moment of conception until natural death, and the advancement of God-fearing governance, keeping in mind that all good comes from our Creator.

"Bob is steadfast in his determination to dismantle the destructive leftist setbacks we've suffered, and block the leftwingers' arrogant agenda. He will fight hard to restore Virginia, and our nation, to what our Founding Fathers dreamed of, sacrificed for, and succeeded in creating for us and our children," Bob Dornan said.

"Please, please read about his outstanding achievements legislatively at his website.  I assure you, Bob Marshall is the Congressional candidate of conviction and experience and courage to take the torch from Frank Wolf and carry on my friend's solid legacy.

"I will be spending as much of my time as I can to get Bob elected.I urge you to do the same. Get involved now. Please work for him.  Recruit volunteers for our campaign. Support his candidacy financially if you are able. There are just weeks left before the April 26 Primary Election. I hope to see you on the campaign trail!" Bob Dornan said.

"I am humbled by Congressman Dornan's kind words on my behalf," commented Delegate Bob Marshall. "Even before being elected to the Congress - and to this day -- Bob Dornan was and is considered a leading spokesman and advocate for pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage, and conservative causes. He served in the U.S. House from California from 1977 to 1997. It is because of a bill he sponsored, which I helped to craft for him, that no abortions have been allowed in the military from 1979 even to this day.

"Bob Dornan had an illustrious career as an Air Force jet pilot, a fearless Congressman and as an award-winning TV talk show host and radio program host. He has been married for 60 years, and has 5 children, 15 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren," Delegate Marshall said.

Delegate Bob Marshall is running in the Republican "Firehouse Primary" being held on Saturday, April 26, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at just ten polling locations throughout the 10th Congressional District of Virginia, which includes parts of Fairfax and Prince William Counties, all of Loudoun, Frederick and Clarke Counties, and the Cities of Manassas, Manassas Park, and Winchester. 

For more information, visit http://www.bobmarshallforcongress.com or call Delegate Marshall on his cell phone at 571-409-0588.


Paid for by Bob Marshall for Congress
P.O. Box 178, Manassas, VA 20108


Donate to the Marshall campaign here: http://bit.ly/1saQB6W

Loudoun County School Board Member Bill Fox Endorses Bob Marshall for Congress

Dear Bob -

After carefully reviewing your policy positions and reflecting on your history of leadership and strong conservative values, I am happy to endorse your candidacy for the 10th District House of Representatives in both the primary and general elections.  

Although we may not agree on every point of policy, I feel that you are the only legitimate candidate in the race who takes seriously the conservative values of liberty and limited government. 

Specifically, I strongly support your education platform regarding encouraging and fostering school choice, and your recognition that the Federal Department of Education provides no value added to children and educators, and accordingly should be eliminated or phased out.  

Finally, while I believe that you have been, and will continue to be, a friend to the business community through your strong positions on de-regulation and lower taxes, you also recognize that representing your constituents should mean much more than simply "bringing home the bacon" in the form of special tax breaks or earmarked spending.  

I will lend my enthusiastic support to your candidacy in any way I can, and look forward to your continued conservative leadership.

Bill Fox

Loudoun County School Board Representative, Leesburg District

Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart Endorses Delegate Bob Marshall for Congress

Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart Endorses Delegate Bob Marshall for Congress.

Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart Endorses Delegate Bob Marshall for Congress.

MANASSAS, VA - The Tenth Congressional District is both extensive and diverse.  One important part of the District is comprised of voting precincts in western Prince William County, where conservative voices are both active and involved in the political process.  For that reason, I am thankful that Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors Corey Stewart has endorsed me as the Republican nominee for Congress in the Tenth District.

In backing me, Chairman Stewart notes, “There is only one candidate [Bob Marshall] who has distinguished himself in over two decades in Richmond as a principled and fierce defender of our Virginia and U.S. Constitutions. There is only one candidate who has already successfully represented roughly one third of the people of the Tenth District as their State Delegate in Richmond. And…there is only one candidate who springs to mind as an intellectual warrior who’ll never shrink under the slings and arrows of outrageous Washington liberals.”

Chairman Stewart says that his decision to endorse me for Congress was “an easy one” and then goes on to say in his statement that “…there’s no doubt in my mind that the people of the Tenth District can count on …[Marshall]… as an unflinching advocate of the core values that define us as Republicans: limited government, fiscal discipline, social conservatism and cultural integrity.” 

Chairman Stewart also cited a number of my milestone accomplishments as a legislator in Richmond, noting that, “He [Marshall] authored the Virginia Marriage Amendment. He wrote the Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act challenging Obamacare.  He’s a fighter for the rights of Virginians to enjoy privacy in the collection of personal data. He fought against the indefinite detention of citizens as proposed in ill-guided federal legislation. He’s a front row unequivocal pro-life leader.”

I am grateful to Chairman Corey Stewart for his kind words and ask that you will keep his points in mind when you vote in the firehouse primary on Saturday, April 26th


Delegate Mark Berg Endorses Delegate Bob Marshall for Congress

Delegate Mark Berg endorses Delegate Bob Marshall for Congress.

Delegate Mark Berg endorses Delegate Bob Marshall for Congress.

RICHMOND, VA – I am very pleased to announce that Delegate Mark Berg, M.D., recently elected to the Virginia legislature from the 29th District, has endorsed me for the Republican Party nomination to succeed Frank Wolf as Congressman for the Tenth Congressional District.

In his endorsement, Delegate Berg states, "Bob Marshall is truly a statesman for our time in the noble tradition of our Founding Fathers, a stalwart supporter of Constitutional principles, individual liberty, and limited government. One of Bob Marshall's top priorities if elected to Congress would be to defund and dismantle Obamacare." Delegate Berg adds that “This is not just a hopeful wish of Bob's. It is something he will fight for tooth and nail. I have seen this passion and persistence in Bob Marshall in the hundreds of bills he has sponsored or pushed since he has been in the House of Delegates.

I believe that, in his endorsement, Delegate Berg very accurately sums up my entire approach as a legislator when he says, "Bob Marshall looks at every issue concerning Virginians in the light of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He has been a powerfully effective member of the House of Delegates. Virginians need Bob Marshall's tenacity and expertise in the U.S. Congress." I am grateful for the support of my colleague Mark Berg. For more than two decades, Mark worked as a physician, and, in recent years, saw the detrimental impact that Obamacare is having on the U.S. medical system. Indeed the defunding of this bad law will be a priority of mine once elected to Congress.

That’s only one of the reasons I’m running in the April 26 "firehouse primary" to obtain the GOP nomination for the seat vacated by Congressman Frank Wolf in the Tenth Congressional District. Voters can get more information at www.bobmarshallforcongress.com or by calling me directly 571.409.0588.

Commit to vote today, attend our Post Debate Dinner this weekend, or donate now to help me win this race.

Thank you!
Delegate Bob Marshall

The Winchester Star: Editorial Supporting Del. Marshall's Candidacy

The Winchester Star

Posted: February 19, 2014

By Franklin Fogle

“Working side by side with Congressman Frank Wolf to restore and advance our prosperity,” those flashy mailers from Del. Barbara Comstock say precisely that, and picture her, the “Senior Aide to Rep. Frank Wolf,” standing by Wolf’s side. Comstock’s vying to become Wolf’s successor, and the early circulation of her mailers indicates money’s no problem, and her confidence is high. But allow me to suggest that voters in the 10th District deserve a fair contest basted with honesty — and it’s not adding up as such.

On Jan. 28, in an unprecedented move three months prior to our April 26 “firehouse” primary, state GOP Chairman Pat Mullins, declared Comstock the victor on official party letterhead: “You're going to make us all proud in Washington! Go get ’em.”

Mullins doesn’t live in our district, yet referred to Wolf in the possessive sense as “my Congressman,” which made it clear: Candidates challenging Comstock thwart the will of “his” GOP establishment, and he’s chosen the “Senior Aide to Rep. Frank Wolf” to expand Wolf’s moderate voting legacy. This writer cries “Foul!” and avows we deserve far better than a stacked deck to ensure that another moderate represents the 10th.

“Moderate” sounds innocuous at first blush, but many Republicans don’t realize the depth of Wolf’s betrayal of conservatism and fiscal responsibility. We’ll get to that shortly, but the habitual abuse of conservative principles begins with “I’m a conservative, but . . .” Comstock’s mailers call her “A Common Sense Conservative,” which means “I’m a conservative, but . . .” She’s already begun capitulating to attract liberal voters with her over-the-counter birth control endorsement. As the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) applauded her stance, this writer sought expert advice for a second opinion.

From The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: “The annual health assessment (“yearly exam”) is a fundamental part of medical care and is valuable in promoting prevention practices, recognizing risk factors for disease, identifying medical problems,” etc. Should over-the-counter contraceptives become available, many women will risk their health by foregoing annual exams, which is the required standard for renewing prescriptions followed by responsible physicians.

Regarding abortion, “NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia” asked supporters to send Del. Comstock “a letter of thanks” for joining 30 Democrats in her vote against the amendment to HB 1900 that stripped the state medical exchange created under ObamaCare of insurance coverage for abortion. Yet, she claims she’s pro-life.

Perhaps the “Senior Aide to Rep. Frank Wolf” was well schooled in duplicity by Wolf himself. Covering Wolf’s egregious “moderate” voting record would take forever, but this severely cropped version illustrates why a “moderate (pro-choice?)” Comstock would make things worse:

Mr. Wolf joined the Democrat majority in supporting “The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007,” which killed more than 200 jobs at the GE plant here in Winchester, and closed every GE bulb plant in the country. Thousands of jobs went to Mexico, Hungary, and China.

From Mr. Wolf’s web site: “Congressman Wolf has long been recognized for his efforts to improve transportation in Northern Virginia over the last 32 years. He worked to obtain full funding for the 103-mile Metro rail system.” An odd thing to brag about: Metro was granted $3 billion in federal funding through 2020, but it’s still bankrupt and hemorrhaging money — and begging Congress for an additional $6 billion in taxpayer cash (Comstock’s mailer, which boasts of her “working side by side” with Mr. Wolf, says she’s proud to have written laws for Phase 2 of Dulles Rail).

The 2011 “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” bound candidates seeking public office to “oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses” and “oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.” Wolf delivered a heated speech on the House floor condemning the pledge, and was one of only six House Republicans refusing to sign.

Mr. Wolf cast 40-plus symbolic votes to repeal ObamaCare, but when it came time came for the real deal, he refused to support HR 2682, “The Defund ObamaCare Act of 2013,” although state Reps. Goodlatte, Hurt, Wittman, Rigell, and Forbes signed on.

In the Ryan/Murray budget deal of 2013, Wolf joined 163 Democrats voting “Yea” for spending $71 billion now, increasing our deficit for three more years, raiding federal trust funds, eliminating existing spending cuts, and pretending to save money in 2022. That legislation reduced retirement benefits of current military members and retirees with 20 years or more of service, but spared current federal employees (e.g., the IRS) from any changes.

Finally, the 2014 debt-ceiling increase: Though our national debt’s more than $17 trillion, 28 House Republicans joined 193 Democrats in voting to increase our debt ceiling without any provisions to cut spending. You guessed it: “Moderate” Wolf was one of those 28.

There’s no educational value in the second kick of a mule, nor in electing Comstock, “Senior Aide to Rep. Frank Wolf,” to expand his “moderate” legacy. Complaining without offering solutions is pointless, so after researching the 23-year career of Del. Bob Marshall, yours truly could not find one occasion when he voted for a tax increase. Not one. What I did find was an honest man with a 23-year conservative voting record, and therefore, I’m supporting Bob Marshall for Congress.

Franklin Fogle is a resident of Frederick County.