Keith Fimian Endorses Bob Marshall for Congress


Dear Friends,

Washington is broken.  If the last few years have proven anything, it’s that just sending more Republicans to Washington won’t change anything.  The only way to fix Washington is to change the kind of Republicans we send there. 

We don’t need more Republicans in Congress who have spent careers inside the beltway in government, lobbying and politics. 

We don’t need more Republicans in Congress who will promise one thing on the campaign trail or take a few good votes at the state or local level in order to climb the political ladder.  

We don’t need more Republicans in Congress who will vote with John Boehner over the interests of the people they serve in order to secure a leadership position.   

We need principled, conservative Republicans in Congress who have led on issues and not just voted, and who have proven over the long term their commitment to smaller government, sound fiscal and economic policies and traditional values, the most fundamental of which is respect for human life. 

That is why I am proud to endorse Bob Marshall for Congress in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

Bob Marshall has served Loudoun and Prince William counties, and our Commonwealth, with distinction as a citizen legislator for the past two decades, and I am proud to call him my friend. 

Bob is someone who has proven he can lead.  He has proven that he doesn't hide his principles or change his positions to satisfy polls, political winds or pressure from the Republican establishment.

As a businessman and entrepreneur, it is critical to have leadership in Congress that is willing to fight for policies that help businesses of all sizes, but particularly small and medium sized business because they are the businesses that create jobs. 

When small business owners complained to Bob Marshall that they had to fill out different paperwork for each and every county in which they were doing business, Bob introduced a bill which became law to streamline the process.  Now small businesses fill out one application sufficient for all 133 counties and cities in the Commonwealth, reducing red tape and an unnecessary burden on businesses.  That's proven conservative leadership!

Obamacare has been crushing for small and medium sized businesses, and will become increasingly so as mandates and tax penalties begin to take effect.  Bob very early on understood the perils of government forcing Americans to purchase health insurance.  In 2010 he introduced the Health Care Freedom Act which Attorney General Cuccinelli used to challenge Obamaare in federal court.  That's proven conservative leadership!

When both political parties in Richmond agreed to legislation in 2007 which established unelected taxing authorities in Northern Virginia and Tidewater, Bob Marshall was the only sitting legislator with the courage to sue.  The Virginia Supreme Court agreed with him unanimously.  That's proven conservative leadership!

While many Republicans elites have called for Republicans to abandon efforts to protect human life and defend traditional marriage, Bob Marshall has been steadfast.  That's proven conservative leadership!

In 2005, Bob Marshall introduced the Marshall-Newman Marriage Amendment.  Over 1.3 million voters ratified that Amendment in 2006.  Bob continues to speak out because it makes no logical sense that a single, sitting, unelected judge should have the power to overturn the will of the Virginia legislature and 1.3 million Virginians. That’s proven conservative leadership!

When the horrible practice of partial birth abortion became known, where practically full term babies are partially delivered before meeting their cruel demise, Bob Marshall introduced legislation to end this heinous practice.  He had to fight some in his own party who wanted to water down the bill but it ultimately passed with a veto-proof margin which Bob used to override then Governor Mark Warner's objections. That's proven conservative leadership!

Why do I recall Bob's stellar conservative record in the state house when he is running for Congress?  Because I know Bob well enough to know that he will bring that same set of principles, uncompromising dedication and practical know-how to Congress.  That's what proven conservative leadership is all about!

Bob Marshall thinks ahead, anticipates problems and doesn't count the odds when he is fighting for what is right.  Bob will be a fighter for business and innovation.  He will be a voice for all of us who value freedom and liberty - all of us who have not lost hope that America's best years are ahead of us, as long as we are able to steer our ship of state away from failed socialist policies.

As a former candidate for Congress in a district with a decidedly Democrat advantage, I understand the demands of running for public office and the need to take the fight to our political opponents. 

I am confident Bob Marshall is up to the challenge.  Anyone who questions Bob Marshall’s electability would do well to remember that Bob has won thirteen elections; yes, thirteen (13) elections - in Northern Virginia no less (Prince William and Loudoun).  And the current district he represents went for Obama by 11 percent whereas the 10th Congressional District where he is now running went for Romney by 1 percent.   

I have every confidence Bob will be the next great Congressman from the 10th Congressional District but we must all get behind him!  I am proud to announce that I will serve on Bob Marshall’s Finance Committee.  And I ask you to please join me in supporting Delegate Bob Marshall in his bid for the U.S. Congress.


Keith S. Fimian

P.S. We cannot allow the Republican establishment and DC lobbyists to buy this race.  Help me ensure Bob has the resources to combat the onslaught of negative attacks sure to come from a Republican establishment intent on purchasing this seat for one of their own.  Please make a generous contribution of $250, $100, $75 or $50 today at!