Eagle Forum Founder and Conservative Icon, Phyllis Schlafly Endorses Bob Marshall For Congress

Eagle Founder and Conservative Icon, Phyllis Schlafly

Dear Fellow Patriots:

I am happy to endorse Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, a man of principle, in the April 26th Firehouse Primary, when voters will choose the Republican Candidate for Virginia's 10th Congressional District!  I have known Bob and his lovely wife, Cathy, for many years.  
Several years ago, I was proud to present Bob Marshall with Eagle Forum's award for outstanding, informed and faithful leadership in the battle for God, Life, Family and Country.  If ever we need brave leaders to fight for the values on which our nation was founded, that time is now!  The Founders understood that our inalienable rights come from our Creator, not government.  I am grateful that Bob has not lost this foundational vision throughout his more than 20 years of service in Virginia's General Assembly. 

Bob Marshall has won 13 elections through hard work, attracting volunteers, and listening to voters door-to-door.  With our help Bob Marshall will serve the people of Virginia in the U.S. Congress.  He won't take orders from Republican consultants or Washington power brokers.
Bob has been tested and remained true.  He never voted for a tax increase.  He passed laws to protect our privacy, increase transparency in government, uphold our constitutional rights, defend innocent life, and uphold Marriage.  He authored Virginia's Marriage Amendment which was passed by 1.3 million Virginia voters.  Bob sued the Governor and won a unanimous decision striking down 14 unconstitutional taxes.
Bob Marshall has been faithful to Virginia voters for so many years.  He is a reliable, tried-and-true candidate.  I urge all patriots to support Bob Marshall on April 26 with your vote, and also with your time and your treasure

Phyllis Schlafly
President and Founder, Eagle Forum