Delegate Mark Berg Endorses Delegate Bob Marshall for Congress

Delegate Mark Berg endorses Delegate Bob Marshall for Congress.

Delegate Mark Berg endorses Delegate Bob Marshall for Congress.

RICHMOND, VA – I am very pleased to announce that Delegate Mark Berg, M.D., recently elected to the Virginia legislature from the 29th District, has endorsed me for the Republican Party nomination to succeed Frank Wolf as Congressman for the Tenth Congressional District.

In his endorsement, Delegate Berg states, "Bob Marshall is truly a statesman for our time in the noble tradition of our Founding Fathers, a stalwart supporter of Constitutional principles, individual liberty, and limited government. One of Bob Marshall's top priorities if elected to Congress would be to defund and dismantle Obamacare." Delegate Berg adds that “This is not just a hopeful wish of Bob's. It is something he will fight for tooth and nail. I have seen this passion and persistence in Bob Marshall in the hundreds of bills he has sponsored or pushed since he has been in the House of Delegates.

I believe that, in his endorsement, Delegate Berg very accurately sums up my entire approach as a legislator when he says, "Bob Marshall looks at every issue concerning Virginians in the light of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He has been a powerfully effective member of the House of Delegates. Virginians need Bob Marshall's tenacity and expertise in the U.S. Congress." I am grateful for the support of my colleague Mark Berg. For more than two decades, Mark worked as a physician, and, in recent years, saw the detrimental impact that Obamacare is having on the U.S. medical system. Indeed the defunding of this bad law will be a priority of mine once elected to Congress.

That’s only one of the reasons I’m running in the April 26 "firehouse primary" to obtain the GOP nomination for the seat vacated by Congressman Frank Wolf in the Tenth Congressional District. Voters can get more information at or by calling me directly 571.409.0588.

Commit to vote today, attend our Post Debate Dinner this weekend, or donate now to help me win this race.

Thank you!
Delegate Bob Marshall