The Winchester Star: Editorial Supporting Del. Marshall's Candidacy

The Winchester Star

Posted: February 19, 2014

By Franklin Fogle

“Working side by side with Congressman Frank Wolf to restore and advance our prosperity,” those flashy mailers from Del. Barbara Comstock say precisely that, and picture her, the “Senior Aide to Rep. Frank Wolf,” standing by Wolf’s side. Comstock’s vying to become Wolf’s successor, and the early circulation of her mailers indicates money’s no problem, and her confidence is high. But allow me to suggest that voters in the 10th District deserve a fair contest basted with honesty — and it’s not adding up as such.

On Jan. 28, in an unprecedented move three months prior to our April 26 “firehouse” primary, state GOP Chairman Pat Mullins, declared Comstock the victor on official party letterhead: “You're going to make us all proud in Washington! Go get ’em.”

Mullins doesn’t live in our district, yet referred to Wolf in the possessive sense as “my Congressman,” which made it clear: Candidates challenging Comstock thwart the will of “his” GOP establishment, and he’s chosen the “Senior Aide to Rep. Frank Wolf” to expand Wolf’s moderate voting legacy. This writer cries “Foul!” and avows we deserve far better than a stacked deck to ensure that another moderate represents the 10th.

“Moderate” sounds innocuous at first blush, but many Republicans don’t realize the depth of Wolf’s betrayal of conservatism and fiscal responsibility. We’ll get to that shortly, but the habitual abuse of conservative principles begins with “I’m a conservative, but . . .” Comstock’s mailers call her “A Common Sense Conservative,” which means “I’m a conservative, but . . .” She’s already begun capitulating to attract liberal voters with her over-the-counter birth control endorsement. As the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) applauded her stance, this writer sought expert advice for a second opinion.

From The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: “The annual health assessment (“yearly exam”) is a fundamental part of medical care and is valuable in promoting prevention practices, recognizing risk factors for disease, identifying medical problems,” etc. Should over-the-counter contraceptives become available, many women will risk their health by foregoing annual exams, which is the required standard for renewing prescriptions followed by responsible physicians.

Regarding abortion, “NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia” asked supporters to send Del. Comstock “a letter of thanks” for joining 30 Democrats in her vote against the amendment to HB 1900 that stripped the state medical exchange created under ObamaCare of insurance coverage for abortion. Yet, she claims she’s pro-life.

Perhaps the “Senior Aide to Rep. Frank Wolf” was well schooled in duplicity by Wolf himself. Covering Wolf’s egregious “moderate” voting record would take forever, but this severely cropped version illustrates why a “moderate (pro-choice?)” Comstock would make things worse:

Mr. Wolf joined the Democrat majority in supporting “The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007,” which killed more than 200 jobs at the GE plant here in Winchester, and closed every GE bulb plant in the country. Thousands of jobs went to Mexico, Hungary, and China.

From Mr. Wolf’s web site: “Congressman Wolf has long been recognized for his efforts to improve transportation in Northern Virginia over the last 32 years. He worked to obtain full funding for the 103-mile Metro rail system.” An odd thing to brag about: Metro was granted $3 billion in federal funding through 2020, but it’s still bankrupt and hemorrhaging money — and begging Congress for an additional $6 billion in taxpayer cash (Comstock’s mailer, which boasts of her “working side by side” with Mr. Wolf, says she’s proud to have written laws for Phase 2 of Dulles Rail).

The 2011 “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” bound candidates seeking public office to “oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses” and “oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.” Wolf delivered a heated speech on the House floor condemning the pledge, and was one of only six House Republicans refusing to sign.

Mr. Wolf cast 40-plus symbolic votes to repeal ObamaCare, but when it came time came for the real deal, he refused to support HR 2682, “The Defund ObamaCare Act of 2013,” although state Reps. Goodlatte, Hurt, Wittman, Rigell, and Forbes signed on.

In the Ryan/Murray budget deal of 2013, Wolf joined 163 Democrats voting “Yea” for spending $71 billion now, increasing our deficit for three more years, raiding federal trust funds, eliminating existing spending cuts, and pretending to save money in 2022. That legislation reduced retirement benefits of current military members and retirees with 20 years or more of service, but spared current federal employees (e.g., the IRS) from any changes.

Finally, the 2014 debt-ceiling increase: Though our national debt’s more than $17 trillion, 28 House Republicans joined 193 Democrats in voting to increase our debt ceiling without any provisions to cut spending. You guessed it: “Moderate” Wolf was one of those 28.

There’s no educational value in the second kick of a mule, nor in electing Comstock, “Senior Aide to Rep. Frank Wolf,” to expand his “moderate” legacy. Complaining without offering solutions is pointless, so after researching the 23-year career of Del. Bob Marshall, yours truly could not find one occasion when he voted for a tax increase. Not one. What I did find was an honest man with a 23-year conservative voting record, and therefore, I’m supporting Bob Marshall for Congress.

Franklin Fogle is a resident of Frederick County.