Conservative Bob Marshall Enters Virginia 10th District Congressional Campaign

By CHQ Staff | 2/13/14

Conservative firebrand Delegate Bob Marshall of Prince William County has entered the crowded Republican primary field in Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District. With Marshall in the race the campaign to replace retiring Virginia Republican Congressman Frank Wolf (VA-10) has become another battle between a boat rocking conservative and an establishment Republican with backing from the discredited Bush and Romney wing of the GOP.

And Marshall lost no time in defining it in pretty much those terms.

Marshall said Wednesday in an interview with Ben Pershing and Michael Laris of The Washington Post that his chief opponent, Del. Barbara Comstock of Fairfax, has failed to push conservative legislation in a host of crucial areas.

“Nothing on marriage, nothing on protecting the right to life, nothing on the Second Amendment,” Marshall said in an interview with Pershing and Laris. “I’m aggressive on those things. There’s a difference between someone who leads on these things and someone who just votes on them.”

Marshall went straight at the Republican establishment in his interview with The Washington Post’s reporters saying that it’s time for him to move from being a Richmond legislator to being one in Washington, where he can take on President Obama more aggressively than House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has, particularly on Obama’s use of executive actions to make changes to the Affordable Care Act.

“What has Boehner done to stop it? If he’s done something, he’s done it in the closet. I can’t see it. This is destroying representative government,” Marshall told the Post reporters.


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