Delegate Bob Marshall on WMAU, 88.5

WAMU interviewed Delegate Bob Marshall recently on the headlines Virginia has been making on many issues such as immigration, abortion clinic regulation and healthcare. Listen to the interview here.

The following is an except from the WAMU article. We encourage you to visit the website to read the article in its entirety.


Veteran Prince William County State Delegate At Height Of His Powers September 07, 2010 - By Jonathan Wilson

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli plunged into controversy in recent weeks with a couple of major legal opinions, one saying it’s okay for police to question people about their immigration status and another saying the state can more closely regulate abortion clinics.

If you look closely at those opinions, you’ll find a common thread: a guy named Bob Marshall.

In both cases it was a formal request from this Republican member of the House of Delegates from Prince William County that led Cuccinelli to issue his opinions.

The carefully designed political strategy is classic Bob Marshall.


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