School Board Presses For More Control, Money From State

By Alex BahrSource: Lessburg Today

Members of the Loudoun County School Board met with local state delegates and senators this morning to express their hopes and concerns for the coming General Assembly session.

Topping the list of priorities for School Board members was concerns about cuts in local and state funding for education and how to better implement policies and regulations for counties such as Loudoun that experience rapid growth that further stresses the school systems' operating and construction budget.

Board member John Stevens (Potomac), who chairs the board's Legislative/Policy Committee that drafts the legislative packet outlining the board's priorities for legislators, said the legislators should to take a close look at the laws regarding local funding based on equal property tax rates for residential and commercial properties, which he said represent a "throwback to a time older than public education itself," in which a select few wealthy land owners were expected to fund much of the services offered by local governments.