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Legislative Update, Plus Your Help Needed on Critical Bills

Friends, I have 6 bills which have been sent to the Senate and need your help to get them passed.

HB 1397 will exempt homes from the Federal "Cap & Trade" legislation.  It has been sent to the Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee.

HB 1440 will construe the word "person" in the Code of Virginia to include unborn children.  It should be sent to the Senate Courts of Justice Committee but could be sent to Senate Education & Health which would certainly be a death knell for the bill.

HB 1457 will penalize state employees who knowingly violate Freedom of Information Act law.  This bill has been sent to the Senate General Laws Committee

HB 1458 will require that insurance companies notify beneficiaries of life insurance policies of the options available to them in writing.  This bill has bee sent to the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee

HB 1721 will make the adoption of Urban Development Areas by localities optional rather than mandatory.  This bill should be sent to the Senate Local Governments Committee

HB 2236 will authorize the State Treasuerer to mint commemorative coins for sale by the Commonwealth as a means of raising funds for the Commonwealth.  This bill will likely be sent to the Senate General Laws Committee

Please contact your Senators and the members of the Senate committees to ask them to support these bills.

- Bob