I-66W widened to six lanes at Gainesville

LocalBy Dan Roem Source: Courtesy of The Gainesville Times FRIDAY, APRIL 9 2010

"Well Hallejuiah, there's more lanes."

Western Prince William Del. Bob Marshall (R-13th) underscored the sentiment of western Prince William County commuters after VDOT opened six westbound lanes of Interstate 66 on April 2.

Three lanes are designated for through traffic, eventually merging into two lanes along the way toward Haymarket.

Two lanes are for Exit 43A, which leads motorists south on U.S. 29 into Gainesville toward Warrenton.

The furthest right lane for Exit 43B is for northbound traffic heading toward U.S. 29 and Heathcote Boulevard.

The new westbound lanes mean more than just a quicker commute near Gainesville.

Bob Chase, president of the Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance, called the project "another important missing link in the system in terms of of widening (I-66) out to Gainesville and ultimately beyond.”


Marshall sets out 2010 agenda following Election Day win

By Dan RoemSource: Gainesville Times FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13 2009

Chalk it up to an influx of new residents over the years or an energy gap between Republicans and Democrats, but more people voted for Del. Bob Marshall (R-13th) than any other House of Delegates candidate in Virginia last Tuesday.

Marshall, whose district contains precincts in western Prince William County and lower Loudoun County, received 22,982 votes compared to Democrat John Bell's total of 14,472. That total, the largest in Marshall's legislative career, came even after the challenger outspent the nine-term incumbent by a six-to-one ratio.

"If people need help at the state government, I give them help," he said during a phone interview Monday. "If you multiply that times 18 years, that's a lot of people that you've helped."

Going into the 2010 General Assembly session, Marshall said he plans to reintroduce his autism funding bill, a transportation bond bill, and legislation designed to help Virginia spend money more efficiently.

His main goal for the General Assembly is "to get more for the money and the only way you're going to do that is to scrutinize at close range,” the way laws are being funded and implemented, he said.


Marshall, Bell debate Transportation, Priorities in race for 13th

By Dan Roem Source: Gainesville Times THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 2009

Candidates for the 13th District House of Delegates seat clashed Sept. 22 in Manassas, offering differing views on transportation funding and legislative priorities while also agreeing on several key points.

Incumbent Del. Bob Marshall, a Republican from Manassas, focused on a list of legislative initiatives and achievements he has made during 17 years in the state General Assembly. During his opening remarks, Marshall listed 10 legislative accomplishments including a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and Gov. Tim Kaine's (D) request that he introduce a smart growth bill.

"I say what I mean and do what I say. I say the same thing here as I do elsewhere. You won't find any contradictions," said Marshall.

Challenger John Bell, a Democrat from South Riding, spoke more broadly, repeatedly citing his experience as a financial officer and comptroller in the Air Force to convey the point that he knows how to manage budgets.