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Commonwealth Transportation Board to Vote Despite Opposition?

Below is the resolution I received from the Commonwealth Transportation Board in response to a request for more information about an "action" item on the agenda for their May 15, 2013, meeting.  This appears to be a resolution to adopt the route for the new North-South Corridor which will follow the proposed Tri-County Parkway route despite strong opposition to this route and the plan as a whole. I have long opposed this plan sometimes called the Battlefield Bypass or Western Transportation Corridor.  I  have raised concerns about the cost effectiveness the proposed project and its ability to relieve traffic congestion  in addition to the effects on citizens living in and around the proposed route area. I believe that citizens would be better served by enhancements to existing roads including:

1) Doubling the exiting capacity at the Rt. 28 exits off of I-66

2) Building a grade separated interchange to relieve the backup caused by congestion at Walney Rd/Braddock Rd and Rt. 28 which spills back onto I-66.

3) Spending $5 million to create reversible lanes on Rt. 28 between the Fairfax County line and Manassas Park to relieve the congestion there.

Implementing these changes would create a much less congested North/South route without the exorbitant costs associated with buying right-of-way and building a brand new road.

There has been a lack of candor about this roadway that needs to be remedied.  For example, at a town hall meeting on March 4th at Bull Run High School on this issue one of the primary speakers, I believe Gary Garczynski,  [for VDOT/Commonwealth Transportation Board] stated that both UPS and FedEx endorsed this road.  I spoke with a representative from UPS who is in charge of transportation for UPS for Northern Virginia.  He knew nothing about this and resented the fact that it had been implied that UPS endorsed this road.

Additionally, at a recent Prince William Committee of 100 meeting, Mr. Garczynski stated that the Commonwealth Transportation Board had not endorsed a plan to close Rt. 234 and Rt. 29 through the Manassas Battlefield Park prior to the Bi-County Parkway/Battlfield Bypass being completed.  This is patently false since there are documents available which show the CTB voted for exactly that in February of this year.  This lack of candor has to stop.

This proposed road is a developers road and I would like to know who currently owns the property that would be purchased for right-of-way and who has taken options to purchase property along the right-of-way.  I believe that it is primarily developers and that rather than helping create a road to move traffic in a timely manner this would be an opening for extensive development which would only create more traffic problems.  There are other better options out there and I hope that VDOT and the CTB will consider them.

If you have concerns about this road please plan to attend the CTB meeting May 15, 2013 at 10 AM at the VDOT Central Auditorium located at 1221 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA.