VA Lawmakers Seek Ebola Travel Bans

In light of a reported thirteen African nations which have banned travel from Ebola prevalent areas to their countries, and reports of airlines which have suspended commercial flights to such areas, Delegate Robert G. "Bob" Marshall (R-13), Senator Richard Black (R-13) and Delegate Mark Berg, MD (R-29) sent a letter (see attached) urging Governor Terry McAuliffe to seek similar bans for Virginia's airports and seaports.

The lawmakers wrote Governor McAuliffe:
"We strongly urge you to use the police powers of Virginia to protect our citizens and residents from exposure to Ebola even if it means a timely court challenge against passenger airlines or the federal government if they continue to permit entry into Virginia of passengers flying from Ebola affected areas.  We also ask you to take similar measures to protect our seaports.   Indeed, Government travel restrictions were used to limit Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)."
McAuliffe-Ebola Response 1
McAuliffe-Ebola Response 2
McAuliffe-Ebola Response 3