Stop Burning Food

BOB MARSHALL APPLAUDS BOB McDONNELL’S REQUEST FOR ETHANOL WAIVERDelegate Sought Governor’s Action Because Drought Is Driving Up Cost of Food and Gasoline

Delegate Bob Marshall, R-Manassas, today (Aug. 30) hailed Gov. Bob McDonnell’s Aug. 27 request that, because of nationwide drought conditions, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency waive the federal mandate to divert a portion of America’s corn crop from food production to make ethanol for gasoline.

“Burning food during a record-breaking nationwide drought is economic and moral folly,” Marshall said, noting that he wrote McDonnell on Aug. 2 urging that the governor seek a waiver allowed under the congressionally required, EPA-administered ethanol from corn fuel mandate. “Diverting food to auto fuel is driving up consumer food and fuel prices, directly harming Virginia’s grain, livestock and poultry farmers, and may worsen runoff fertilizer pollution in the Chesapeake Bay,” Marshall said.

“I applaud Governor McDonnell’s actions, and hope that the EPA will recognize the serious economic harm from continuing EPA’s ethanol mandate which it is imposing on Virginia’s families, farms and small businesses.

“The EPA is seeking public input on the waiver through September 26. I urge Virginians to make their views known to end this wasteful and costly practice in the presence of a record-breaking drought.”

Information about the EPA’s request for comment is available on the Federal Register’s Website at

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Attached are Marshall’s Aug 2 letter to Gov. McDonnell, and the governor’s Aug. 26 letter to EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson.

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