Shannon Column: Brass ring escapes again

It’s easy to oppose government spending when you aren’t getting any of the money. It’s more difficult to be frugal when Virginia is scheduled to receive 249 million reasons to swallow your principles and take the cash. Despite the temptation, Del. Bob Marshall (R—Prince William) — who’s conservative even when it’s inconvenient — is urging Gov. Bob McDonnell to refuse to accept a penny of Obama’s latest $26 billion government “stimulus” bill.

Many of you are probably thinking that old Bob is just saddling up to tilt at yet another windmill. But before you jump to conclusions, consider Marshall’s reasoning in the context of the larger issue of Democrat-induced runaway government spending.

Marshall’s justification for bouncing the check back to Obama is simple: Pocketing this money is a slap in the face to a Virginia Republican congressional delegation that unanimously opposed this payoff to public employee unions that supported Obama. Accepting the check implies they failed to vote in the best interest of their state. While in comparison, Congressmen Gerry Connolly (D-Deficits) and Tom Perriello (D-Bigger Deficits), who supported this and innumerable other handouts, become exemplars of public service.

Which is a sobering thought.