Our Local Election Picks-Loudoun Times Mirror Endorses Marshall

Source: Loudoun Times Mirror By Staff

We believe the status quo is the way to go this election season.

In the four local contested races for General Assembly delegate slots, the Times-Mirror endorses the candidate with statewide experience in each of those races.

Our picks include Robert Marshall, David Poisson, Chuck Caputo and Tom Rust -- all incumbents.

Here are our choices and why:

13th District: While we don't agree with Republican Robert Marshall's stand on some social issues, he's a battler for John and Jane Q. Public. In Loudoun, he was instrumental -- along with U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf -- in getting the Aldie roundabouts constructed; he also helped to widen Route 28 to eight lanes and construct 10 interchanges from Route 7 to I-66. He refuses to budge on some issues, which alienates him from fellow party members, and has had several of his proposed bills shot down. But Marshall deserves a 10th term against an opponent who lacks statewide legislative experience. John Bell -- the Democratic challenger from South Riding -- has focused his campaign on Virginia's budget crisis, and rightfully so, but he's a long shot in this race.