Hon. Bob Marshall and the Virginia Attorney General vs. VA ACLU

August 5, 2010 For Immediate Release

Manassas, VA- Delegate Bob Marshall sent the attached memorandum to all Virginia Sheriff’s Departments concerning his recent inquiries into Virginia’s legal presence laws. After sending this memo to the Sheriffs it came to his attention that the Virginia American Civil Liberties Union had sent the attached letter to all Sheriff’s Departments today urging them to ignore the Attorney General’s recently issued opinion.

“I cannot understand why the ACLU would encourage law enforcement officers to ignorethe Attorney General’s opinion. The Attorney General is the highest ranking law enforcement official in Virginia,” said Marshall. “The ACLU’s position essentially allows alien terrorists and gang members to be untouchable in this country. We cannot allow this to continue.”

DOWNLOAD the LAW ENFORCEMENT MEMORANDUM - Sherriff's & Pollice Departments-Legal Status Law-1

If you have any questions please contact Delegate Marshall at (703) 853-4213.