Gov. Kaine Opposed to Limiting Online Donations

WASHINGTON - Restrictions on online campaign donations gained preliminary approval from a Virginia House committee last Friday. Del. Robert G. Marshall (R-Prince William) has introduced legislation that targets the use of pre-paid credit cards, which GOP critics say was used by donors last fall to anonymously route money into President Barack Obama's campaign.

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, opposes the legislation.

"I can't imagine why you would stop somebody from giving on the Internet," Kaine said during his monthly appearance on WTOP's Ask the Governor Program. "There ought to be rules and there ought to be limitations. Virginia has rules and the federal system has rules."

Kaine said the proposed legislation is partisan sour grapes.

"To me that just sounds like somebody saying, 'wow, we're mad that other guy is doing better so we need to stop this."

Unlike traditional credit cards, the prepaid plastic doesn't require extensive identification, address and financial information verification for approval. That allows anyone anywhere in the world to influence elections for Virginia state offices, Marshall argued.

"I could do this all day and no one would ever know what's going on," Marshall said. "Cash cards don't allow for a system for verifying the address or identity" of a giver.