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Examiner Local Editorial: Virginia first to resist domestic detentions under NDAA

Virginia is the birthplace of James Madison, the author of the Bill of Rights. And so it is fitting that the commonwealth recently became the first state to refuse cooperation with federal authorities in the arrest and indefinite detention, without due process, of Americans suspected of terror-related activities. That the nation's oldest legislature had to step up as the backstop to protect residents' basic rights is a testament to the genius of the political system devised by Madison and his fellow Founding Fathers. But it's also a chilling reminder that the federal government is capable of turning on its own citizens.


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Letter: People are Concerned

Published September 21, 2009 As evidenced by town hall meetings and marches on Washington, D.C., there is a significant concern among the electorate that our elected officials are not listening to us. Speaking from personal experience I can tell you that our House Delegate Bob Marshall does not fit this profile.

Back in 2008, I contacted Delegate Marshall about sponsoring a bill that would require health insurers to offer coverage for a specific therapy critical to the recovery of individuals with autism. Delegate Marshall not only was a Patron and Co-Sponsor of this legislation (HB83/HB1588), he fought passionately for its passage. During the fight to pass HB 1588, Delegate Marshall demonstrated all the qualities that we should expect of our representatives:

1. He stood up to special interests who sought to kill the bill

2. He reached across party lines and worked with Democrats to pass the bill.

3. He risked the wrath of his own party to stand up for what he felt to be fair and just.

Delegate Marshall has my vote and he should have the votes of all voters in his District. In a time of great cynicism about politics he showed me that there is still hope that our representatives will listen to us

John Toepfer, Bristow

Source: Inside Nova