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Marshall: An Honorable Man

Source: InsideNova I moved here back in 1998 from the state of Maryland and one of the first letters (handwritten) I received was from Del. Marshall letting me know that if there was anything I needed help with, to please let him know. In this letter it contained both his work and house number on it. How many delegates would have done that? Not many.

As far as being ineffective, is it more important to gain a chairman position down in Richmond or to truly represent your constituents. Give me a delegate that will represent me every time and isn’t worried about his or her status within their party.

Del. Marshall has worked well with both parties and is well liked in Richmond per an article in the Richmond times. He has worked to have laws that would represent all people of Virginia alike fairly.

He has been a honorable representative for the 13th district and there is no reason to change the representation there like you have suggested.