LETTER: Vote Marshall for 13th District

Source: InsideNOVA.com Your paper endorsed John Bell because Del. Bob Marshall lost influence in Richmond for not “toeing the line?” I’m glad my husband did not worry about “popularity” when he decided to sue the governor and other elected officials over the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority’s scheme to raise funds through unelected bodies. Bob knows the American Revolution was fought over “no taxation without representation.” And the Virginia Supreme Court agreed with him 7-0. Bob’s first allegiance is to his constituents.

My husband lost a committee chairmanship because he opposed a change in the House rules, which allowed secret, unrecorded votes in subcommittee. Some wanted to kill bills without accountability. Bob chose to follow his conscience. The Bristol-Courier newspaper praised him for his courage.

When hundreds of constituents asked my husband to help their autistic children, Bob worked for a year alongside families to win approval by the State Mandated Benefits Commission. For $1.60 a month, his bill would have provided early treatment for autism. Families had numerous meetings with legislators, rallies and visits to Richmond. After all their efforts, the subcommittee did not give families the courtesy of an up or down vote, so Bob “discharged” the committee to allow a vote in the full House, another action that did not make him “popular.”

Each election, Democrats blame Bob for traffic. But there are several senior Democrats from our region who have held office longer (one even heads the finance committee) who are unable to wave a magic wand! The problem is the funding formula, which favors downstate areas. After the 2010 census, Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads should have enough votes to overcome this disparity.

Bottom line: Bob knows who he works for. Choosing between his party or his constituents’ common good is easy for Bob. The Loudoun Times endorsed him because “he’s a battler for John and Jane Q public.” Vote for Bob Marshall Nov. 3.