Bob doesn’t go along to get along

In response to the recent letter from a supporter of Bob Marshall’s opponent, the reason Bob is not currently a committee chairman is because he is not a “go along to get along” politician. Rather, he is a true public servant. When the General Assembly passed a law setting up unelected regional bodies to raise taxes, Bob Marshall sued the governor (Democrat), Attorney General (Republican), the Speaker of the House (Republican) and 114 Assembly members. He won in the Virginia Supreme Court 7-0 in 2008.

Bob did not please his colleagues by showing they voted for illegal taxes, but he did please citizens who know that we fought a revolution over “taxation without representation.”

Bob Marshall risked removal from the Republican caucus this year because he made a rare parliamentary move to bring his Autism Insurance bill to the House floor rather than let it die in a sub-committee because no member would make a motion to pass or kill his bill. (This would add $1.60-$1.90 a month to policies.) His motion to discharge failed, but Bob stood up for these families.

Previously Bob Marshall chaired the claims committee, a three-year stem cell study, and a study committee for conflict of interest, which resulted in a change of such laws. Bob also chaired two subcommittees and was vice chair of one legislative committee.

But when his own party changed the rules to hold secret, unrecorded votes in subcommittee and limit bills members could introduce, Bob was the only Republican who voted “No!”

Bob Marshall is a lawmaker who sees his job through the eyes of citizens, not political party power brokers. He believes that government should serve “we the people.” That’s why I support and encourage you to support the reelection of Bob Marshall this November!


Source: Inside NOVA