Religious Liberty Bills Sent to Committee

  Dear Religious Liberty Supporters,

My three bills challenging the Obama HHS abortion pill/birth control mandate have been sent to the House Commerce and Labor Committee.

If your representative is on the Commerce and Labor Committee (see below) please contact him or her by this Friday (January 11) and ask him/her to support all three bills. If you live in the same county/city as a committee member, contact that committee member and say, “I am a resident of “NAME YOUR county” and ask for their support.

If your delegate is not on the Commerce committee, please contact your own state delegate and ask him/her to vote in favor of all three bills. Please ask friends to do the same. To learn who your delegate is go to:

HB 1314 Protects employers from being forced to comply with the HHS mandate when providing insurance for their employees. HB 1315 Protects individuals who buy their own health insurance, from being forced to buy a policy which complies with the HHS mandate. HB 1417 Provides that the Commonwealth of Virginia is not obligated to furnish abortion pills and other birth control to employees.

Commerce & Labor Committee

Chairman Terry Kilgore / 804-698-1001 / Delegate Harry Purkey / 804-698-1082 / Delegate Kathy Byron / 804-698-1022 / Delegate Lee Ware / 804-698-1065 / Delegate Tim Hugo / 804-698-1040 / Delegate Tom Rust / 804-698-1086 / Delegate Danny Marshall / 804-698-1014 / Delegate Ben Cline / 804-698-1024 / Delegate Jackson Miller / 804-698-1050 / Delegate Don Merricks / 804-698-1016 / Delegate Manoli Loupassi / 804-698-1068 / Delegate John Cosgrove / 804-698-1078 / Delegate Rob Bell / 804-698-1058 / Delegate Barbara Comstock / 804-698-1034 / Delegate Gregory Habeeb / 804-698-1008 / Delegate Joe Johnson / 804-698-1004 / Delegate Johnny Joannou / 804-698-1079 / none Delegate Kenny Alexander / 804-698-1089 / Delegate Jennifer McClellan / 804-698-1071 / Delegate Jeion Ward / 804-698-1092 / Delegate Lynwood Lewis / 804-698-1000 / Delegate Roslyn Tyler / 804-698-1075 /

Thank you.


Delegate Robert G. "Bob" Marshall

Authorized by Bob Marshall, candidate for House of Delegates.
Paid for by Friends of Bob Marshall.