Protect Our Children, Help Pass The School Protection Bill

  Dear Friends,

The tragic slaughter of the innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School has the President promising to issue Executive Orders to bypass Congress to enact “gun control,” even though criminals never obey the law.  No legislation can end all evil but I believe that my HB 1557 will be a step toward protecting Virginia’s school children, teachers and staff.

The School Protection Bill, HB 1557, will allow local school boards to identify volunteers who will receive professional weapons training similar to what our police receive.  These individuals, designated to carry concealed weapons on school grounds to protect students in a shooter situation until the arrival of law enforcement, will be teachers, principals, administrators or retired police and will have worked or volunteered in the school for three years.
Once they receive this training they will be certified to carry a concealed weapon in their school.  Other states like Utah have allowed teachers to carry concealed weapons for nearly 12 years without incident and Utah teachers do not receive nearly the level of training I am proposing.  Ohio allows school divisions to determine whether they will allow teachers to carry concealed weapons.  They have had over 900 teachers apply for training this year alone.
As word travels throughout Virginia that its schools will be defended, I hope that criminals will be dissuaded from attacking them.  The Aurora, Colorado movie theatre perpetrator chose to commit his murders at the only movie theatre that posted signs disallowing concealed weapons and drove right past several others that allowed citizens to carry concealed.   No one places a sign in their front yard, “Gun Free Zone” because that would give criminals a green light.  Why do we advertise schools in this manner?
I believe all children should be protected in the same way that the children of elite politicians are protected by armed security guards in their homes and schools. Please ask the following members of the Militia, Police & Public Safety Subcommittee #1 to report HB 1557 out of Committee on January 17, to promote safer schools.   If your own delegate is not on the Subcommittee,please ask him/her to co-sponsor and vote in favor of HB 1557 when it hopefully comes to the floor.
Thank you!
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Delegate Bob Marshall
Militia, Police & Public Safety Subcommittee #1