Marshall to Propose 'Healthcare Freedom' Constitutional Amendment

Source: The Washington Post Blog, Virginia Politics Written by Rosalind Helderman

With health care the hot topic in Washington, it should be no surprise there is likely to be an equally vigorous debate on the issue in Richmond when the General Assembly meets in January. It should also come as no surprise that Del. Bob Marshall, one of the body's most creative conservative minds, has some thoughts about how Virginia's General Assembly could best go about resisting President Obama's health insurance initiatives.

Marshall believes Obama's real goal is a socialist single-payer system. He believes it is unconstitutional for the government to mandate, at risk of penalty, that all individuals have insurance or that companies provide insurance for employees, as contemplated in bills being considered by the U.S. House and Senate. He notes contract law has long provided that contracts cannot be signed under duress.

"If that's not duress, then I don't know what is," he said of the mandates.

His solution: Make it easier for Virginians to sue the federal government over the mandate, if it is imposed.